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We offer professional acoustic  and noise reduction solution services 

Multi-city and Exterior Service

We strive to offer the best and most comfortable service for Global Fortune 500 companies. As well as other cities or states, we travel anywhere around the world, providing the same high quality of acoustical vs. noise test and treatment services

Sound Measurement and acoustic treatment

AVE has a good acoustic team and accurate instruments to solve these kinds of noise problems. In addition to basic measurement of background noise, AVE is able to assign suitable soundproofing materials based on different requests for noise rating curves. Beside that, AVE could provide a plan of improvement of sound insulation for room and building constructions

The Art of performance: 

    Computerized analysis: We are using the latest technologies of room EQ, acoustical tests, and internal environment audio calibration in the world.  Most of our engineers use our custom built 360 degree 0.6dB-129dB sound reproducers and noise reproducers and all engineers are AVIXA CTS-certified. We use state of the art software and equipment from Dayton Audio USA, Audix USA, Acoustic solutions Belgium

    AVE uses the latest acoustics testing and analysis technologies, giving the client a most complete picture of the room’s state.  After a complete measurement and performance of tests, we can recommend how to obtain the best results by choosing appropriate acoustic treatment and noise reduction material.


Local acoustical expertise - background noise, sound insulation between rooms and floors, reverberation time, STI (Speech Transmission Index), and any other acoustic properties of a room.


Realtime simulation with measured results and acoustic room test performance.


Noise, vibration, acoustic treatment, and OSHA compliance.


Diagnostics and recommendations. Delivery of taken room acoustical measurement results to the client - before and after acoustical treatment.

Areas to apply:

Corporate buildings:

Huddle rooms. VTC Rooms. Meeting rooms. High traffic areas. Recreation areas. Private offices and isolated spaces. Local broadcast studios and other production facilities. Presentation and concert/Auditoriums. Event and lecture halls.

Colleges and schools:

High traffic areas. Recreation areas. Meeting rooms. Lunch rooms. Presentation and concert/event halls. Learning centers and laboratories. Professional - dedicated to high level sound or noise rooms.

Residential buildings:

Lobby and other high traffic areas. Recreation areas.

Medical Buildings and facilities:

High traffic reception areas. Medical machinery room. Surgery and procedure rooms.


Active zones treatment (bar, serving place, dance place,). Resting or “quiet” dining zones.


Learning / reading zone. Recreation or brake zones.

Music and video:

Production and post production facilities.


Marine shipbuilding or other special places.

Audio Test

Acoustic Test

Noise Test

Vibration and Noise Test

Important Information:

Definitions and ISO Regulation codes:

→ Noise Rating (NR curves). The spectra of the noise rating curves in the octave-band sound pressure level is highest at the lowest frequencies and decreases progressively with increasing frequency; less annoyance is caused by low frequency noise than by a higher frequency noise at the same sound pressure level.

→ Acceptable measured difference between environmental noise level 32dB.

→ STC (Sound Transmission Loss). Sound Transmission Loss represents a partition’s resistance to airborne sound especially at the speech frequencies (125-4000 Hz). The higher the STC number, the more airborne sound the partition blocks.

→ Reverberation Time, T. The reverberation time, T (expressed in seconds) is the duration required for the space-averaged sound energy density in an enclosure to decrease by 60 dB after the source emission has stopped.

→ STI (Speech Transmission Index). A value between 0 and 1 . Higher STI means better quality of speech transmission.


ISO 140-4      Acoustics – Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 4: Field measurements of airborne sound insulation between rooms

ISO 140-5      Acoustics – Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 5: Field measurements of airborne sound insulation of façade elements and façades

ISO 140-7      Acoustics – Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 7: Field measurements of impact sound insulation of floors

ISO 717-1      Acoustics – Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 1: Airborne sound insulation

ISO 717-2      Acoustics – Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 2: Impact sound insulation

ISO 3382-1    Acoustics – Measurement of room acoustic parameters – Part 1: Performance spaces

ISO 3382-2    Acoustics – Measurement of room acoustic parameters – Part 2: Reverberation time in ordinary rooms

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